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ISM addresses the future challenges of sustainability: ESG Council established
24 Jan 2022

Until recently, an organization driven by the values of sustainability was a rarity in the business world. Today sustainability has gained more importance than ever – it’s not only an element of company’s uniqueness and added value, it is becoming an essential part of the strategy of almost every organization. It is transforming the attitude of organizations towards business responsibility, changing the principles of its operation, and increasing the need for professionals who know and can lead and implement the sustainable strategies.

The newly established ISM TECH Council will focus on the tech industry challenges
24 Nov 2021

The emergence of revolutionary technologies in the business world requires changes in the education system. To react to the transforming business environment and take advantage of the new opportunities that arise from technology development, we need to foster the dialogue between the university and businesses. ISM has established the TECH Council of business and education experts to work together to develop the relationship between business and academia, explore the market needs and trends, and find the most suitable solutions.

Mystery revealed: ISM is relocated to the heart of Vilnius
9 Jun 2021

ISM is being relocated to the very centre of the capital – to Vilnius’ former Central Post Office, located in Gediminas Avenue 7.