ISM addresses the future challenges of sustainability: ESG Council established

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Until recently, an organization driven by the values of sustainability was a rarity in the business world. Today sustainability has gained more importance than ever – it’s not only an element of company’s uniqueness and added value, it is becoming an essential part of the strategy of almost every organization. It is transforming the attitude of organizations towards business responsibility, changing the principles of its operation, and increasing the need for professionals who know and can lead and implement the sustainable strategies.

In this essence, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) are complex, yet significant factors for companies’ development, growth, and ability to adapt to new requirements in business. Therefore, ISM University has established the ESG Council to respond to the emerging unique needs of business and society. Business representatives, academics, and professionals in various fields will share their knowledge and search for the best ways to address the ESG challenges.

“The integration of ESG into business activities and processes is an undeniable reality that creates new operating principles, new standards, new knowledge and the need for professionals. New job positions are emerging in companies and they require professionals with specific competencies and knowledge of the ESG standards, and sustainability trends. With the establishment of the ESG Council, we set the goal of uniting the leaders, experts and academics of various organizations to share their knowledge, exchange best practices and initiate as well as implement the necessary changes”, says Dr Dalius Misiūnas, President of ISM University of Management and Economics.
The ESG Council intends to keep working with ISM University to build opinion leadership and share its knowledge with the public by raising relevant issues and finding the best solutions together.

The members of the ESG Council will also be invited to contribute to the selection of the topics of the students’ dissertations, highlighting today’s issues and problems, thus increasing the relevance and value of the content of the dissertations in the field of various ESG issues.

ESG Council members will also join the ISM Digital Lab hackathon organized by ISM and share their insights and mentor young entrepreneurs.

To share the latest ESG trends and news with the public, ISM will organize an annual “ISM Trends” conference. Council members will share key events highlighting ongoing or past changes, initiatives and sustainability trends. The first “ISM Trends “conference will take place this spring.

The ISM ESG Council is composed of:
Dalius Misiūnas – President of ISM University of Management and Economics
Mariano Andrade Gonzalez – Country Manager at Moody’s
Greta MonstavičėCEO and Co-founder at Katalista Ventures
Indrė Blaudžiūnaitė – Head of Sustainability at Trafi
Karolina Semionovaitė – Sustainability manager at Swedbank Lithuania
Tomas Kemtys – General Partner at Contrarian Ventures
Ieva Vilkė – Sustainability reporting expert at Sustain Advisory
Gediminas Judzentas – Director of Marketing and Sustainability at AUGA
Rita Klebonaitė – Consultant at Civitta
Simona Bačkienė – Head of Issuer Services at Nasdaq
Rouzbeth Amini – Head of Sustainability at Cognizant
Ignas Sutkevičius – Head of Strategy at Vinted
Simona Šimulytė – Founder of ChangeMakers’ON

24 Jan 2022